8 Modules to boost confidence, win debates, and clearly grasp the value of chiropractic care!

Benefits of AST


Intellectual Ammunition

Chiropractors throughout the world need to stand up for their practice and their patients on a rational, scientific basis. Chiropractors who address subluxation in their practices should not live in fear of being attacked.


Because the chiropractic profession has been under attack by organized medicine in the past and modern day ‘skeptics’ currently, we suffer from ‘negative brand equity’…meaning the general population doesn’t get chiropractic or think they have a reason to go to one – and further when they do come and you recommend extended care for addressing subluxation, patients many times don’t embrace it. Building credibility is a critical part of today’s strategy for the DC to break through to heightened success and more fun in practice!


A big challenge for DC’s is that the vertebral subluxation and the corresponding models of human health are vague and fuzzy in their minds. The result is that they feel a degree of dread and uncertainty in going to market and offering this service. A boost in confidence when you clearly connect the dots related to vertebral subluxation is a game changer that leads to more fun, less stress, and more profit!

Why was AST created?

The vertebral subluxation (VS) has been a paradox in the culture of chiropractic since its inception. On one hand, the concept of VS was the basis on which D.D. Palmer founded the profession of chiropractic. On the other, there are several chiropractic schools that don’t allow the use of the term in their clinics and organizations in the profession that recommend we abandon the term…and in extreme cases the very idea of it.

It has gotten so ridiculous that we now have some regulatory bodies describing the subluxation as a historical construct and they forbid the use of the term in chiropractic marketing and advertising. We will not stand for this absurdity.

The evidence supporting and validating VS has grown significantly over recent years, the access to this information is scarce. Very scarce. Some pieces are taught in some places, but there is nothing comprehensive.

Which is why, Dr. Kent, one of the profession’s most valuable intellectual assets, has now assembled the most important and up-to-date course on vertebral subluxation and it is available to you, so that you too can know the evidence supporting and validating VS!

What is AST?


AST is an online course that covers the critical, must know topics related to VS.

8 Video Modules

covering the critical, must know topics related to VS

Action Guide for each module

effective notes that keep you engaged as you absorb each module

Enrichment Notes

reference articles for your personal library that provide additional information. These will come in very handy when you want to do a quick review or put together presentations of your own. Here is a brief outline of the modules:

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What will you learn about?


Module 1: Overview and History

Learn how the care you provide changes lives and review the extraordinary relevant history of our great profession. Understand how the concept of vertebral subluxation has evolved from the time of Hippocrates through today. Become familiar with the health care crisis facing the world today, and how chiropractic can play a crucial rule in formulating effective solutions

Module 2: Epigenetics

Perhaps one of the hottest topics in science and healthcare today. Learn how lifestyle changes and chiropractic care affect genetics and future generations. The relationship of vertebral subluxation to epigenetics is profound and needs to be understood by all practitioners who wish to engage in conversation related to today’s science.

Module 3: Biological Communications

This is at the center of the ‘new’ understanding in human physiology. Today’s science goes far beyond the limitations of synaptic transmission. There are semiconductor models, energetic models and holographic models that will help you understand the incredible power of the chiropractic adjustment. This module will excite as you learn the relationship between vertebral subluxation and 21st Century physiology.

Module 4: Neurophysiological Models of Vertebral Subluxation

It is so critical for every DC to have a fully thought through, integrated model of vertebral subluxation. It needs to be complete and in a sense, bullet-proof. One thing that many DC’s fail to realize is that there isn’t just one neurophysiological mechanism at play related to subluxation, but many. This is foundational stuff that every DC needs to know and know well. This is a big part of the critical intellectual ammunition that enters the interprofessional conversation about subluxation and chiropractic.

Module 5: Experimental Evidence of the Adverse Effects of VS

Learn how animal models, advanced imaging and human studies validate what you do. Not only are there many forms of clinical evidence proving the effectiveness of adjusting subluxations, but there are also additional modes of experimental evidence that further bolster the incredible virtue of chiropractic care.

Module 6: Physics and Emerging Biological Models

Learn why and how biology must catch up with physics. Old biological models have fallen short in explaining so much about the expression of life and health in the human body…and especially failed to fully relate to why chiropractic works so well. However, new and exciting vitalistic models of biology that integrate with modern physics give a powerful context for why subluxation inhibits the expression of life in the system and why chiropractic so important.

Module 7: Philosophy, Epistemology and Rules of Evidence

When you have contradictions in your basic philosophical premises, your arguments crumble, your confidence wanes, and your certainty falters. In this module we examine why you practice the way you do; and learn how chiropractic care saves money and gets results. Further, in this module, you will learn the proper rules of evidence and you will be able to shoot holes in the skeptics who seek to discredit you!

Module 8: Clinical Assessments

None of this information truly matters unless you can deliver the vision through the use of appropriate, reliable, and valid assessments on a patient by patient basis. All this science must be applied in a way that is congruent with your understanding of vertebral subluxation. This means there must be an operational model of subluxation that you work from and meaningful indicators to tell you how to manage your patients for a lifetime. In this module, you will learn how this all turns into a daily reality in your practice.

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See why our students love AST!

“To whom it may concern,
In my over 30 years in the chiropractic profession, that essentially started with the writing of a treatise on the vertebral subluxation from the available literature from Dr. Sid Williams, then president of Life Chiropractic College, no single name came up more frequently within the chiropractic profession than that of Dr. Christopher Kent.
That said, today there are no more living chiropractors who, in my experience, can and do communicate about the devastating effects of the vertebral subluxation on a human health more elegantly or effectively that Dr. Kent.
He has been a mentor and inspiration for thousands of chiropractors who, in many cases, learned about subluxation and became purposefully directed to communicate about it as well as correct it as a result of Dr. Kent’s teachings.
In 2010, I can think of no other person within the chiropractic profession with more credentials, communication skills or passion to teach about the vertebral subluxation than Dr. Kent.

Dr. Steven Hoffman
Discover Wellness, Inc. & 2nd Cousin Media, Inc.

“If you don’t subscribe to Dr. Kent’s On Purpose program, as well as into his AST and Stroke and other programs… you’re missing out on some of the most pure and impactful content in this profession.” 

Dr. Tony Ebel, Premier Wellness Chiropractic

“I believe that Dr. Christopher Kent not only knows so much more about the entire subluxation complex, its causes, effects and how to deal with them as anyone alive today. but more importantly he has the ability to take extremely complex and difficult concepts and boil them down to something so simple and easy that even mere mortals like you and I can understand.

If Dr. Kent is teaching a class on subluxation I am going to be there and if we are to take our rightful place as the recognized leaders of a true health care system worldwide we all need to be on these calls”

 Russ Rosen, DC, Rosen Coaching, Maui, HI

“I believe that there are very few people who have spent more time, money and mental capacity on the understanding of the devastating effects of the vertebral subluxation than Dr. Christopher Kent, J.D. His early pioneering research into the first-generation subluxation station was the first major step in chiropractic detection of subluxation technology since X-rays and the old hand held nervo-scopes from the 1030’s. as a result of a brilliant mind and significant commitment, no one has had the ability to spend more time studying, quantifying, documentation and objectifying the vertebral subluxation than Dr. Kent. The result is a genius linguist with the purpose and certainty that is unmatched in many realms, including that in the understating of the vertebral subluxation.”

Trent Camp, D.C., C.C.R.D.
Owner, 20 years, Camp Chiropractic Inc.



If you are not completely satisfied with your investment in Advanced Subluxation Training program…if your confidence, certainty, and excitement for what you do hasn’t been seriously elevated, then let us know within 30 days of the date of your purchase  and we will promptly give you a full refund and cancel the rest of the course for you.

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Who is Dr. Christopher Kent?

I’m Christopher Kent, DC, JD and I created Advanced Subluxation Training out of my own passion for chiropractic.

I have devoted my life to advocating for the future of chiropractic including being elected Chair of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Health Committee, the first chiropractor to hold that office, as well as being an attorney member of the California bar.

Acknowledged as one of the brightest minds in chiropractic, Dr. Kent returned to New Jersey in 1990 to continue the in-depth research on surface EMG that he had started several years earlier with colleague and friend, Dr. Gentempo. His vision was to develop technologies that would objectively demonstrate manifestations of nerve interference and ultimately provide certainty for chiropractors and their patients.

I am committed to developing improved clinical strategies and securing the future of chiropractic. My ability to integrate the philosophy, politics, and science of chiropractic is legendary.

Course Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions

What Research Went into This Program?
There are literally thousands of hours of work and research spanning over 30 years that has gone into creating AST for you.

In terms of your career, there is no doubt that this information will be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. It is truly vital to your career.

Our vision is to get this information into the field worldwide and make it affordable, even to students!

Why would I want to enroll in Advanced Subluxation Training (AST) online course?
3 words: Certainty. Confidence. Credibility. AST raises the “3 C’s” in a huge way and it is from that that all else follows. When you increase the 3 C’s it results in – More Fun, Less Stress, and More Profit!
If I already have a good understanding of vertebral subluxation (VS), would this course be of any value to me?
For sure! The reality is that the body of research, knowledge and understanding related to VS is expanding every day. When it comes to clarifying and validating the massive value of the chiropractic adjustment, you can never stop growing in your knowledge-base. If you stop growing, so does your career. Stay fresh in your thinking and watch how your commendations with your patients improves.
Is the AST course just academic or will it help me grow my practice too?
Although the content in AST is in part high-grade academic information, you will find that it not only stimulates and excites you (unlike most academic courses), but it will also have a massive positive impact on your practice. You will find that the concepts you learn with AST will instantly become a big part of your mental blue print. They will be a part of your staff meetings so your staff is inspired. They will be put into your ‘table-talk’ with your patients. You will be more focused when you adjust because you will have a fresh perspective as to how important those adjustments are! Nothing is more impactful to your practice than YOU having a higher perceived value of the services YOU render!
What if I sign up and start and find out this is not for me?
AST comes with a money-back guarantee that takes any risk out of you seeing if AST is right for you. If after 30 days (you will have had time to experience multiple modules by then) you find that you would like to change your mind and are not satisfied, you can request a full, no-hassle refund.

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