Advanced Subluxation Training


8 Modules to boost confidence, win debates, and clearly grasp the value of chiropractic care!

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Intellectual Ammunition
Chiropractors throughout the world need to stand up for their practice and their patients on a rational, scientific basis. Chiropractors who address subluxation in their practices should not live in fear of being attacked.
Because the chiropractic profession has been under attack by organized medicine in the past and modern day ‘skeptics’ currently, we suffer from ‘negative brand equity’…meaning the general population doesn’t get chiropractic or think they have a reason to go to one – and further when they do come and you recommend extended care for addressing subluxation, patients many times don’t embrace it. Building credibility is a critical part of today’s strategy for the DC to break through to heightened success and more fun in practice!
A big challenge for DC’s is that the vertebral subluxation and the corresponding models of human health are vague and fuzzy in their minds. The result is that they feel a degree of dread and uncertainty in going to market and offering this service. A boost in confidence when you clearly connect the dots related to vertebral subluxation is a game changer that leads to more fun, less stress, and more profit!