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Did you know that Dr. Kent has a monthly audio series just for chiropractors,
focused on the topics that matter most?

What comprises a monthly audio?


New research is being released every week with new findings, updated results, and case studies surrounding the effects of Chiropractic care. This information is prioritized and reviewed each month in On Purpose. When placed in your hands, it can spread awareness of the power of Chiropractic throughout your community.


The profession is under constant regulation, both from a health care standpoint as well as from an aesthetic one. It’s essential to know the goings-on in the United States and abroad when it comes to the growth of Chiropractic. On Purpose gives you the information you need to sustain the momentum that the profession is building throughout the world.


If you’re a Chiropractor, the reasons you get up in the morning are beyond just that of owning your own business and making money. The impact you have on your community and the world at large are often hard to approach and grasp, yet it’s one that every Chiropractor must face. In On Purpose we explore this responsibility and the many ways that our impact can be felt throughout our communities.