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On Purpose brings the most important science, the latest news, and the most relevant philosophical discussion to the table – all available for you to listen to at home or on the go.
With On Purpose, you’re armed with the Research and science to back up your work and communicate the power of the adjustment. Imagine convincing even the most ardent skeptics of Chiropractic in your community of the value you provide. When you’re informed, you are never alone!

The Politics surrounding Chiropractic care is always evolving – around the world. Keeping up with the latest legislative developments is critical to sustaining not just your business, but the Chiropractic movement. On Purpose keeps you up to date on these developments and gives you action steps when needed.

If you’re reading this, you already understand the importance of having the right mindset. Alignment doesn’t just happen in the spine – it happens in the mind as well. Our Philosophy discussions approach some of the most relevant topics stemming from the other two sections as well as from the Chiropractic lifestyle, offering new paradigms and ways of approaching common hurdles in growing your practice.

The Voices of On Purpose

Dr. Christopher Kent

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

“I wanted to connect with you in order to share WHY I have committed my life to sharing On Purpose, AST, ChiroStrokeMyyth and our Patient Education Slides with the chiropractic profession. The reason why I do, what I do is my desire to provide chiropractors with the intellectual ammunition in order to create a chiropractic movement within each community from around the world so that chiropractic reaches the pinnacle of the health care model.

Now that you aware of what has contributed to my drive over the past 15+ years as the co-founder of OnPurpose, it is important that you understand the reason I have decided to offer the Gold Package which includes On Purpose and the Patient Education Slides.

Our monthly audio subscription, On Purpose, and our Patient Education slides are resources that every chiropractor NEEDS in order to exist in today’s marketplace. Each month we invest $1,000’s and 100’s of hours in researching the science, politics, and philosophy of our profession so that you can be kept UP TO DATE. The reason this is so important is because if you are unaware of what is taking place, then I can assure you that your patients have NO IDEA and they probably do not see the BIG PICTURE of what you offer.

I believe that our profession is at a universal crossroads where we can either take the path of health care dominance or the route to being dominated by health care. The KEY distinguisher between which road you choose to travel is based on your certainty of what it is that you deliver this world…the chiropractic adjustment.

Therefore, the reason you should join our movement is because our programs represent everything you need to share your passion, objective, research based chiropractic message with the masses, while bringing these people into your office, and becoming the go to expert in your community for everything health and wellness.

This is why I do, what I do…”

-Dr. Christopher Kent

What Are The Benefits?

On Purpose offers Chiropractors the chance to draw from the latest news and research - that empowers you to impact your community, and the world.

Stay Current

Our experts review dozens of scientific journals, popular magazines, newsletters and wire services to bring you the most up-to-date and vital information for you and your patients.

Stay Connected

Listen in your car, while you exercise, or play On Purpose in your practice for your staff and patients. Stay connected with the latest advances in the profession.

Stay Credible

Become the "go to" person in your community for the latest and most credible information on the latest research. Each month you will receive a consumer Press Release you can use in your practice and community.

Here's Whats Included With Your Subscription...

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Monthly Summary

Every Month you will recieve a short video summary outlining the up coming On Purpose Series. 

Top 10 Research Articles

Every month You will recieve a list of the top 10 science and political artices involving the chiropractic profession. 

Research References

With the release of every On Purpose Sereies you will have access to a full reference report of all the research that went into that releas. 

Drug of the Month

With the ever changing pharmaceutcal industry it is important to stay up to date on the latest drugs and their affects which is why On Purpose offers a Monthly Report Featuring a diffrent drug each month. 

Play Anywhere

Your On Purpose Membership comes with access to the universal MP3  file format making it easy to listen on your phone, computer, Tablet, or portal audio device. 


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