July’s Key Insights

As always, the audios are packed with too much exciting, informative, and groundbreaking information for everything to be listed.  Be sure to check out the monthly audio to hear it all!

Science: Dr. Kent and Dr. Gentempo review several key case studies including Reduction of Seizures in 4yr old with Intractable Frontal Lobe Epilepsy, What are telocytes?, A study on the risk of carotid stroke, and many more powerful case studies!

Politics: Dr. Kent and Dr. Gentempo discuss key updates regarding vaccines from around the world, LACC news, the reach of state licensing boards, and many other stories!

Philosophy: Dr. Justin Brown and Dr. Kent discuss the importance of always improving and mastering the art, the philosophy, and the business of chiropractic.  Hear his story about he built a million dollar practice in just 3 years!

Remember when you are On Purpose, you are not alone!