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Wow it’s hard to believe it is a new year already!  A time when everyone makes resolutions for 2018.  This year don’t just make another resolution to make your practice more successful; take action and make the investment to make your practice more successful! 
In 2017, we saw great changes from groundbreaking new scientific findings to new legislation around the world effecting our community’s health; there was never a dull month.  Being armed with knowledge and information is the best investment you can make in your practice.  
January’s Key Insights
Science: Chiropractic and emotions; how chiropractic can have great impacts not only on a patient’s physical but also emotional state, discussion of the Shape of Chiropractic survey by the ECU, the need for a new type of clinical trial, and several interesting case studies on MS.
Politics: The rise of needless medical care, US healthcare workers refusing the Flu vaccine, a care plan considered healthcare fraud?, are payers a leading cause of death in the US?, and the revelation about governmental analyzation and tracking of Tweets by anti-vaxxers. 
Philosophy: Dr. Karlos Boghosian focuses in on the business side of your practice, giving you key action steps you can take to make your practice more successful! 

In 2017, On Purpose also saw great things with the release of our Apple and Android smartphone app.  Listening to the program has never been easier! Here are just a few of the great features the app has to offer:

*Keyword & Key Term search. Looking for a segment on a particular topic, simply type the keywords into the search bar and find all related tracks.
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Make your investment for 2018 to be more informed
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