February’s Key Insights

As always, the audios are packed with too much exciting, informative, and groundbreaking information for everything to be listed.  Be sure to check out the monthly audio to hear it all!

Science: Several interesting case studies including a double footling breech position resolution for a woman carrying twins, sustained change in HRV for patients under continuous chiropractic care, the prevalence of extremity joint dysfunction in newborns and infants, as well as the top reasons patients seek care, and the research priorities for chiropractic in Canada.

Politics: A discussion about the importance of using chiropractic terminology, WI expanding the scope of practice to include sports physicals for student athletes, statistics on infant and young adult mortality rate in the USA, the effect of ibuprofen on male fertility, and forbidden words for the CDC?

Philosophy: Dr. Kent delivers his powerful State of the Profession address.  Listen to hear the current state of the profession; including the biggest threats to it’s future, the opportunities in front of us, and what you can do to ensure chiropractic continues to be everything we know it can be for your community!

Remember when you are On Purpose, you are not alone!