Decembers’s Key Insights

As always, the audios are packed with too much exciting, informative, and groundbreaking information for everything to be listed.  Be sure to check out the monthly audio to hear it all!

Science: Several interesting case studies including: a reduction in seizures in a toddler with Lissencephaly, a reduction in hypothyroidsim & irritable bowel syndrome, and a resolution of post-traumatic anosmia; a round-up of the recent IRAPS program at Sherman; the evolving methods of patient education; and a thought provoking conversation on the theory of consciousness.

Politics:  Pesticides and their effects on the human race focused on fertility rates, the future implications of the USA’s declining fertility rates, and several concerning articles from the UK relating chiropractic care and patient deaths.

Philosophy:  Dr. Shawn Dill & Dr. Kent discuss the four aspects of practice and the need to have them all in balance to achieve success as well as the current cultural state and how tailoring your message will help you better reach your patients.

Remember when you are On Purpose, you are not alone!