August’s Key Insights

As always, the audios are packed with too much exciting, informative, and groundbreaking information for everything to be listed.  Be sure to check out the monthly audio to hear it all!

Science: Dr. Kent and Dr. Gentempo focus on Heart Rate Variability exploring several new studies including HRV and the prediction of mortality, HRV and burnout, as well as several HRV studies of common medical conditions, including Type 1 diabetes and depression.

Politics: Dr. Kent and Dr. Gentempo discuss a landmark ruling on medical malpractice claims, the fight over chiropractors prescribing medications, the true funding of healthcare journalism, and many more stories!

Philosophy:  Dr. Robert Brooks discusses his philosophy on patient education; transform your patient education by allowing patients to learn chiropractic through experience.   Learn the patient experience stages and how to guide them through the process.

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